Zurich R User Group, March 2016

Data journalism with R

Experiences at SRF Data

Timo Grossenbacher



Presentation available under grssnbchr.github.io/zrug-rddj

About me

Formerly: MSc in Geography & Computer Science UZH

Mar - Oct 2014: Tages-Anzeiger

Since Nov 2014 I work in the team of SRF Data as coder and journalist ("journocoder")

SRF Data


What the heck is data journalism?

Some examples

SRF Data

SRF Data



SRF Data

More: research & ideas, less: service center

pitch ideas, receive / collect / scrape / enforce (BGÖ) data

preprocess > visualize > analyze > find the story

publication on srf.ch -> overview, interactivity

publication in radio and/or TV -> anecdotes, details, aspects

Some examples of our work

Dual-use goods & conventional arms exports

The Zurich cantonal police orders a trojan horse

Covering of the Federal Elections 2015

What about R?

R is a Swiss Army Knife > it reads all kinds of weird s**t

R allows for automation > example

R empowers reproducibility and, ultimately, transparency > we publish most of our analyses on GitHub

I wrote a blog post about all of this

How exactly do we use R?

base, dplyr, tidyr, maggritr, ggplot2, extrafont, animation, readxl, xml2, jsonlite, RSQLite, googlesheets, stringr, rpremraj/mailR, R2HTML, knitr, slidify, readr, caret, sp, maptools, etc.

Things I still don't like about R

Error reporting in RStudio - in general, the console in RStudio


The plethora of packages doesn't make it better (jsonlite, rjson, RJSONIO). You still need to use list() and complicated lapply() calls to produce nested data structures - and JSON is all about nested data structures.

What about something like that?

my_dataset %>% group_by(facet) %>% to_json("output.json")

The language... especially Standard Evaluation vs. Non-Standard Evaluation ... and stuff like paste() or paste0().

direct_matches %<>% mutate_(.dots = 
            interp(~ as.numeric(sub("\\D*(\\d+).*", 
            "\\1", a)), 
            a = as.name(combined))), 

Some resources

rddj.info - a resource collection for doing DDJ with R


Brian Keegan calls out 538 for openness in #ddj

The future of (data) journalism?

"Real" interactivity


Snackable graphics

Bots and IoT

Algorithmic Accountibility

Thank you!


@grssnbchr or timo.grossenbacher(at)srf.ch


This presentation is available (and reproducible) under github.com/grssnbchr/zrug-rddj

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